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A dental practice needs healthy systems that can be maintained and sustained by a motivated team.  The objective is to work together to help build in the practice’s success.

KLAS Solutions is a Michigan based Dental Practice Coaching Company, that consists of a team of consultants whose purpose is to collaborate, analyze and implement affordable solutions for your practice, with the goal being, reaching the practices full potential.  This analysis allows a dental practice to identify what systems are working well and to recognize what systems need attention in order to optimize results.

Our model, is a team of dental practice coaches that is composed of a dental business coach, a team and leadership coach and a clinical coach, that trains both the hygiene department in creating an effective hygiene and perio program as well as a dental assistant coach to help assistants in maximizing their role in the practice. We have specialized practice consultants in OSHA/GHS and as well as PPO negotiation and dental embezzlement.

Patterson Customer Appreciation Expo

KLAS Solutions will be co-sponsoring a Customer Appreciation Expo with Patterson Dental on October 11th in Livonia. We will be hosting 3 out of the 4 session. The sessions include: OSHA/GHS updated guide lines, Team Communication and Human Trafficking. Patterson will be hosting a session on Ergonomics with Adec. You can register at www.klassolutions.com/events/
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This is a Must For Every Office!

OSHA/HIPPA/GHS are all very important for your office and all should be implemented by now.  The new SDS sheets will be in effect the start of 2015.  THE ONE ITEM THAT IS BEING MISSED BY ALL IS…………MI OSHA!!!

Dental Enhancements has met with MI OSHA to get the more than 200 pages that must go along with your Federal OSHA.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please look at this flyer and see that for $69 you can receive all the documents.  But for $169 you can receive all the documents plus professional help to guide you on what to do with the 200 pages.