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KLAS Solutions Clinical Programs

Is your #hygiene program reaching its #goals?  Do you have goals and systems in place?  Would you like to see your #assistants utilize your #time more effectively.  How is your  #inventory control?  Are you running at 5%?  Let us grow your #business and save you money with our Hygiene and Assistant #Programs.  Contact us #hygieneprogram #Assistantprogram #inventorycontrol #KLASSolutions


Clinical Flyer

Meisinger – “Singles” Diamonds!

Meisinger has now come out with a direct match of the well known NeoDiamonds from Microcopy.  I have had several of my dentists, who use Neo’s, try them and love them.  The difference is approximately $9 a box savings.  Plus receive your Bluchip Rewards.  Let me know if you would like to purchase a box.  Current special is buy a $1000 of Meisinger products get $400 Free.

Single Diamonds

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