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Is Pan Bitewings the same as Intra-oral bitewings?

There are certain companies that are out there trying to sell their Pan as the solution to x-rays.  They claim their machine is the only machine that does Pans and bitewings.  First of all, this is not true!!!  There are many machines that can take bitewings but will not use that as a selling feature.  Why you may ask?  Because reputable companies like Carestream and VaTech and others know that it is not possible to get the same diagnosis as an intra-oral x-ray.  Well here is another study that proves that companies that make this claim are selling you a machine that they want you to buy, not what is best for your practice.  ProMax is not the answer to all your needs.

Here is the study but the conclusion is this:  Conclusion: “Intraoral bitewing radiography was superior to extra oral bitewing and panoramic radiography in diagnosing proximal caries of premolar and molar teeth”

British Study Extra oral bitewings

Kavo Maintenance Summary!

KaVo Handpiece Users:

It has come to our attention that there might be some misperceptions in the local market place pertaining to the recommended maintenance of KaVo Dental Manufactured Handpieces. Failure to maintain KaVo’s handpieces according to KaVo’s recommended guidelines may void your “New Product Warranty” or the “REPAIRED Product Warranty.” It is best to always follow all manufactures recommended guidelines for proper maintenance.
Only authorized KaVo dealers have true OEM or genuine KaVo replacement parts. Danger / Warning – There are many handpiece repair companies / Internet sources which claim they have “KaVo Repair Parts.” Please note that these imitation parts do not operate to KaVo specifications and could damage your genuine KaVo product. Authorized KaVo Dealers in your area include: Henry Schein Dental, Benco Dental, Darby Dental, Dental Health Products, and Midway Dental.

KaVo Recommended Manual Maintenance Procedure (using KaVo Spray):
Remove Bur
Scrub handpiece under running water to remove debris
Spray KaVo Spray thoroughly for 3 seconds (ensure you use the correct top with your spray)
Insert the handpiece without bur onto the proper coupler of the dental unit or air purging station and run for at least 20 seconds
Attention: KaVo handpieces must be lubricated BEFORE every sterilization cycle

KaVo Recommended Automatic Maintenance Procedure with QUATTROcare® or QUATTROcare® Plus:
Remove Bur
Scrub handpiece under running water to remove debris
Place handpiece in QUATTROcare® or QUATTROcare® Plus Maintenance unit… Start and everything is done.

KaVo Warranty:
2 Years Standard Warranty *
2 ½ Year Warranty with a QUATTROcare® or QUATTROcare® Plus Maintenance System *

For Further Information: Contact KaVo Technical Support
KaVo Dental Corporation