Are You A Leader?

Effective Leadership Is Essential to Every Practice.

You Don’t Have to Be Born with Leadership Skill – With Training, you Can Become a Great Leader.

Here Are Some Questions to ASK YOURSELF….

  1. Do I Lead by Example?

    Leadership Starts From the “Top Down” – Leading by Example Is the Earmark of a Strong Leader.

  2. Do I Encourage Open Communication?

    Having an Open-Door Policy Encourages Feedback. Feedback Is Critical for What Is Working in The Practice – What Is Not Working in The Practice and What Are the Solutions

  3. Do I Give KUDOS for Improvement?

    Team Members Yearn for Complements. Catch Your Team “Doing Something Right” They may surprise you and will continue that behavior

  4. Do I Support Safe Failure?

    Mistakes Can Be an Opportunity for A Team Member to Grow or A Whip to Beat the Self -Respect Out of An Individual. It Is Up to The Leader to Create an Environment for Greater Self- Esteem and Growth.

  5. Do I Have a Clear Vision for My Team to Follow?

    Team Members Need to Know What the Drs Vision Is for Direction of The Practice

  6. Do I Have Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities?

    Specific Roles and Responsibilities Are Essential for A Team to Work Together in a Synergetic Environment.

  7. Do I Encourage Self-Sufficiency or Do I Micro Manage?

    Leader Who Fosters Independence, Fosters Their Teams “Ownership Mentality”
    The Team Member May Not Have Their Name Imprinted on the Door, However They Feel “Your Practice Is Their Practice”

  8. Do I Consider Myself a Fully Engaged Listener?

    A Skillful Leader Is Totally Focused on The Conversation at Hand. Giving His/ Or Her Full Attention to The Speaker andRefrainsfromInterrupting. ActiveListeningIsanEssentialCharacteristicforGreatLeadership.

  9. Do I Consider Myself a Decisive Leader?

    A Leader is Willing to Make an Informed Decision and not Delay or Postpone

10. Do I Say “Thank You” To My Team?

Appreciating the Teams Efforts Is Essential for A Positive Working Environment. I Encourage My Drs To Be Generous with The Words “Job Well Done”

By Deb Cohen @ Klas-Blk-

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