Do You Know the Value of Your Practice?

Do you know the value of your practice?

Do your loved ones know the value?

Would they be able to find all necessary documentation to have it evaluated in the case of a serious illness or death?

The average dental office’s value of a practice will decline by about ten percent per week for the first six weeks because of the death of the owner.


We all hope that nothing will happen to us . . . but the reality is, stuff happens! Legacy Practice Transition’s Value Protection Program has made it simple to have the necessary measures in place.

Value Protection Program (VPP) includes:

A full Dental Market Evaluation Report (approximately 20 pages), updated yearly at no additional cost.
If you decide to have Legacy Practice Transitions sell your dental practice, the cost of the VPP is deducted from our usual and customary fee for selling your practice.

We also provide a document for your will, which allows us to immediately dispose of your practice in case of death.

There is no need to pay expensive monthly premiums for the protection of your practice value in an emergency. Call Legacy Practice Transitions today and experience the satisfaction of knowing you have taken care of a very sensitive and important part of your estate planning.


Phil Cole

Legacy Practice Transitions, Inc.

c: 989-233-4200
f: 888-501-1625
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