Direct Mail Isn’t Dead – Part Two

Retention of Existing Clients

In continuing our direct marketing/mail series, from last week’s acquiring new patients, we continue on to retention of existing patients.

In dentistry, we know that women/moms are responsible for scheduling more than 80% of the family health care visits and are a major influence on healthcare buying decisions.

According to the “supermarket mom’s survey”, January 2014* , more than 20% of are dissatisfied with social media marketing in general, which causes them to re-consider traditional options of direct marketing. The study of moms showed that, when it comes to new product discovery, print circulars still lead the way.

Statistics show that 73% of people prefer to get information about a business in a collection of articles (like a newsletter). Your response rate will vary, depending on how competitive your area is, your key attributes, hours of operation and location.

Local community/direct mail newsletters will put your name in every household surrounding your practice with the message that there is a dentist close by who is accepting new patients.

A newsletter is also beneficial for your existing patients, by keeping your practice in their mind while they are in-between visits, to update them on the practice, inform about new dental procedures, encourage them to send friend and family referrals and trigger inquiries about elective services.

The most effective interval for newsletters is quarterly and the best way to achieve the standard of 4 times the return on your investment, is to create a plan for existing patient analysis, demographic research, expert list development, offer strategy, brand and content development, team training plus tracking, analysis and reporting.

A great resource company if you are in the market for a newsletter program that has proven results for over 20 years is Patient News.

As part of your membership with Tuesdays with Transitions, they are offering a free consultation in which your referrals, on which you will receive a comprehensive market analysis, report on your neighborhood.

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