PracticeMojo is Much More than Just Effective Recall!

While recall is the bread and butter of what we do. PracticeMojo handles any type of communication that an office would want to send. From Valentine’s Day postcards, benefit reminders, new associate, or any other type of communication, PracticeMojo is built to handle it all. 

Plus, check out some of these other top features!


Communicate on Demand – PracticeMojo makes it easy to communicate with any patient, any time, from any device. Simply click on any email address or mobile number throughout PracticeMojo, write the message and send. Just like that we’re filling holes in the schedule and building patient loyalty. We make it easy to continue the communication as well…all replies will go straight to the office email inbox where they can reply again and again.


Appointment Widget – There is much more to the appointment widget than just the schedule. Use the mobile and email address to text and email patients on demand, likewise quickly see which patients scheduled for today that are missing valuable contact information. 

Mojo TrueROI – Only PracticeMojo shows a TrueROI…we’ll never take credit for revenue from appointment reminders or Birthday cards. Our ROI is based on creating new appointments. Every new appointment PracticeMojo creates is money an office never had. Just one more way we go above and beyond just a reminder service.


Last and Certainly the Best – Our ‘Next Level’ Customer Service 

The number one thing our customers love about PracticeMojo is our friendly, always willing to help practice coaches. That’s right! Practice Coaches. No other software employs Practice Coaches as their customer service representatives. That’s because no other software cares about the success of their practice like PracticeMojo. Our Practice Coaches are trained in more than just PracticeMojo. They understand dental marketing inside and out and will work with the practice from any angle to help them succeed.  

Questions? Comments? Concerns? – PracticeMojo live support is always here to answer questions, and help do more effectively through PracticeMojo, just give us a call! 800.556.2580

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