Good Bye to 2012!

The end of a year is the ideal time to reflect, review and refine what worked, what didn’t and what change we wish to implement in the year ahead.  The key to progress to keep the momentum going from the wins from last year and how to duplicate and grow for the year to come.  A SYNERGISTIC team understands the importance of meeting, discussing and combining each member’s intellect via the Brain, passion via the Heart and how to listen to intuition from the Gut.  Below are my leadership reflections and Transitions team learning of 2012.

•    “Leading by example” only works when the right people are on the team.

•    Mistakes and challenges form the roadmap to growth and learning.

•    Stay Optimistic… Hear the music, see the road ahead, smell the flowers and rejoice in how lucky we are to be alive.

•    PROGRESS is a lot easier to achieve then the delusion of Perfection

•    Some team members will resist or fear DUPLICATING excellence.

•    Remain FAIR to the team effort even when one person feels they deserve all the glory.

•    Everyone is replaceable when the team is committed to a common purpose.

•    Teams need the person who will speak the hard “truth” in good times and bad. When no one else will

•    Stay to the course and multiply other leaders.

•    Value each person’s uniqueness, beliefs, rights and needs while honoring the groups contrast.

•    The most predictable asset is the  team members—Investment equals multiplication

•    Be curious and open to people without the need to seek their approval.

•    Have the courage to take a risk without placing blame on external forces when it doesn’t work.

•    Team members who avoid the leader who can best help them are fearful they may have to access their own power.

•    Be decisive and willing to make a decision for the group knowing that all members may not agree.

•    Embrace change with Grace… overcome the storming when it occurs…

•    Stay humble but steadfast in celebrating our own achievements.

•    Be self-confident without arrogance and have self-assurance without condescension.

•    The leader-teacher is always prepared when the student is ready.

•    An effective leader manages the currency of Time Management

•    There are 3 types of time — Free time… Buffer time…. and Focus time

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