New Year…..New Choices!!!

By Transitions Group North America – contact me for more information!

Are you suffering from the “Winter Blah’s” that seem to be common at this time of year? If so, why not take advantage of the options you have available to rejuvenate yourself and your dental organization.

Some options are:

  • re-focus on your future business objectives and goals
  • make a choice to overcome negativity and turn it into positive emotions
  • take advantage of the interactions you have with other people and apply the “magic ratio”

The option to re-focus on your goals and objectives allows you to “take the best and change the rest” approach. Why not take the time to review past accomplishments and celebrate the success and then look into what could be working better or what potential or possibilities lie ahead that you may not be tapping into. The benefit of having a Transitions expert support you in methodically identifying what doesn’t need to change, create your future goals, and develop a plan in the areas of leadership, positive team relationships, revenue possibilities, patient case acceptance, combined with facility utilization and profit will significantly rejuvenate the overall practice in a positive way. We, as humans, possess an ability to turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive experiences. Positive psychology has proven to improve productivity, increase engagements among colleagues, instill loyalty from clients/patients, reduce turnover, and increase health. Most of us, ultimately, want more positive emotions in our lives and businesses. Unfortunately, just wanting a more positive life isn’t enough. We need a strategy or action plan to achieve it. We have grown up and been educated in a culture of the negative approach. This has made it natural and easy for us to find what is wrong as opposed to praising what is right. It is estimated that negativity in the workplace costs Canada 25-30 billion dollars per year in lost productivity alone. When you add workplace injury, illness, turnover, absence, and fraud, the estimate is conservative. Dentistry is especially prone to the consequences of negativity because we don’t give or receive anywhere the amount of positive praise that we should. Statistics show that a negative work environment increases the risk of heart disease and stroke by 33%. The #1 reason dental auxiliary leave their jobs is lack of appreciation. 65% of dental professionals report they haven’t received praise for a job well done in the past year and negative employees will scare off patients and ruin relationships daily. We know that it only takes ONE negative person to ruin an entire workplace, destroy relationships, families, patient retention, and entire careers. The third option is to take advantage of the number of interactions with others you have in a day and apply the “what is right with people” approach as opposed to dwelling on “what is wrong.” According to Nobel Prize winning scientist Daniel Kahneman, we experience approximately 20,000 individual moments in a waking day. Each moment may only last a few seconds but even the less memorable interactions have importance. Dr. John Gottman’s pioneer research on relationships suggests there is a magic ratio of 5 to 1, in terms of our balance of positive to negative interactions. Relationships and workgroups are more likely to succeed when there are 5 positive interactions to every 1 negative interaction. Gottman found that groups with positive to negative interactions ratios greater than 3 to 1 are significantly more productive then teams that do not reach this ratio. On the other hand if the team’s ratio has an upper limit of 13 to 1 then they can also be counter productive. Positivity is grounded in reality and a “Pollyanna” approach in which the negative is completely ignored, can result in a false optimism. There are times when we need to fix our mistakes and figure out how to manage our weaknesses. Analyze the magic ratio you are experiencing on a daily basis and choose to adjust as necessary. If any of the above will impact your Winter Blah’s then take action today and reap the rewards of positivity so you donÌt have to wait until spring.

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